Traditional medicine has never lost its relevance. It offers many effective remedies for the treatment of colds. One of them is bear cough fat. For a long time, it has been actively used by healers in Siberia, Tibet and other northern regions to relieve people of cold symptoms.

Bear fat deposits are a valuable food product. It is obtained by hunters, and both internal and subcutaneous secretions are processed. This substance can be safely used as a food product and a medicinal product.

The popularity of pharmaceutical bear fat is easily explained by the uniqueness of its composition. The biologically active fat base ensures that the substances it contains penetrate into the deep layers of the skin without any special obstacles.

Medicinal components of fat

Brown bear fat is a real storehouse of useful microelements. It is important that the fat of these animals has different properties. Due to the fact that the main food product of the Kamchatka bear is fish, and the animal from Siberia eats mainly pine nuts, the ratio of nutrients may be different.

Brown bear fat contains:

  • palmitic acid (about 20%);
  • stearic acid (not less than 8%);
  • myristic acid (about 1.5%);
  • lauric and capric acids (in small quantities);
  • unsaturated acids (linoleic, oleic, arachidonic);
  • vitamins (A, E, B4, D3, D2);
  • selenium;
  • zinc.

Bear fat is a fairly high-calorie substance: 910 kcal per 100 grams.

Indications for use

There are many areas of application for brown bear lard. It is used both internally and externally. A very effective substance for coughs. In addition, indications for use are:

Bear fat is used for tuberculosis

  • respiratory system diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • postoperative periods;
  • recovery period (after a long illness);
  • disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system;
  • exhaustion (both nervous and physical);
  • preventive measures aimed at preventing an increase in morbidity;
  • pathologies of the genitourinary system;
  • recovery after chemotherapy, radiation therapy;
  • diseases of the heart and vascular system;
  • cerebrovascular accidents;
  • prevention of seasonal immunity deficiency.

Bear fat is also used externally. It is most effective in the following cases:

When stretching, bear fat is used externally

  • pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • muscle strains;
  • inflammatory process in muscles;
  • sprains;
  • skin diseases, the origin of which is different;
  • severe cough that cannot be treated with modern medications.

This list of problems that bear fat helps to cope with is not as complete as possible, however, cough is one of the first places in treatment with this remedy.

How to distinguish real bear lard from a fake? Appearance of the remedy

People who constantly use the drug can easily determine its quality. To distinguish between natural lard and a fake, you need to carefully examine the product on offer. If the internal lard is prepared in accordance with the rules, then it looks like this:

  1. In appearance, lard is milky white or cream in color, but may appear yellowish. It depends on the bear's range and its diet.
  2. Melted lard without taste.
  3. There is no unpleasant odor.
  4. In heat (at a temperature of 25–28 degrees), the fat melts and separates into fractions of different density and transparency.
  5. The freezing point is lower than that of the subcutaneous fat layer of a predator.
  6. At +6 degrees the product becomes mushy, but retains its friability.
  7. It hardens in the freezer, but not solid, you can easily scoop it up with a spoon.

Usually counterfeit goods are offered on the market. Unscrupulous private traders can counterfeit the product. Find out how you can spot a fake:

  1. If a product purchased on the market remains liquid at 0 degrees, it means the lard is not real: there is a danger that vegetable oil is mixed in there.
  2. If the product hardens at ten to fifteen degrees of heat, there is an admixture of pork or beef lard.
  3. A product that is yellow in color is melted at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, the beneficial substances are destroyed.
  4. Do not buy an uncertified product with particles of cracklings, brine, or hair.
  5. Smell the product so that there is no smell of mold, rancidity, or fish.
  6. If you buy a product in winter or spring, ask for a certificate of laboratory analysis so that you do not buy connecting rod or spring bear lard, which have used beneficial substances. Such products will not be used for treatment.

Bear fat

Hunting teams hunt animals at certain times of the year. Predator fat, which was obtained in the fall, has good characteristics. A conscientious seller has a shooting license, a certificate of veterinary analysis of the carcass with the hunter's name listed. Buying a counterfeit or untested product can be harmful to your health, since this product may contain dangerous pathogens and parasites (for example, Trichinella). The rendering of medicinal lard takes place at temperatures below 100 degrees, which do not kill harmful organisms. To confirm the authenticity of the goods, the seller is required to present a quality certificate.

Treatment of cough with bear fat

You can get rid of a cough using brown bear lard very quickly. This substance is an excellent immunomodulator of natural origin, therefore, in addition to local effects, it also has a general strengthening effect. The use of this therapeutic component is indicated for many pulmonary diseases.

The components that make up bear fat can relieve inflammation and disinfect the body. The general tone of all systems and organs is noticeably strengthened after a course of treatment with the described remedy. The treatment process uses the properties of fat to relieve spasms, coat the larynx and regenerate tissues damaged during coughing. And at the cellular level, noticeable changes occur: the body’s endurance, its ability to work, and the activity of brain cells increase.

Treatment of cough with bear fat

During the treatment period, blood cells must be actively restored. Pharmacy bear fat also contributes to this process, so hematopoiesis occurs more actively. Cell metabolism improves and, as a result, the absorption of all useful substances obtained from food occurs more efficiently. Mucus secretion improves, sputum discharge causes less discomfort. Bear fat perfectly removes phlegm from the bronchi.

The action of natural protectors is a guarantee of protection of the body affected by cough from the effects of certain medications, the side effects of which can cause great damage to some organs and systems. The liver often suffers from drug therapy. When treating cough with bear lard, this problem does not exist. Bear fat is an indispensable assistant in regulating hormonal levels.

Recipes with milk and honey

You can get rid of cough by taking a natural component. The most effective remedy is in combination with others that are traditionally used in the treatment of severe cough. We are talking about milk and honey.

Bear lard with milk for cough treatment

Bear lard with milk. It is not difficult to prepare such a remedy. To do this, pour warm milk into a glass, and then add five grams of fat to it. By drinking the drink in small sips before eating for a certain amount of time, you can notice obvious improvements in the patient’s condition. To consolidate the effect, the product should be used within a week after the doctor has recorded the absence of cough and the patient’s healthy condition.

Fat with honey. This is a wonderful way to make taking this traditional medicine more comfortable. The fact is that bear lard does not have a strong unpleasant aroma, but it has a very specific taste. To mask the taste, it is mixed with natural honey in a 1:1 ratio and taken before meals until the cough completely disappears. Using bear lard with honey can provoke an allergic reaction, so first experiments with treating cough with this remedy should be very careful. If you are allergic to honey, you can replace it with jam or jam.


The cough will disappear even faster if treatment is carried out not only from the inside, but also using external procedures. Many patients practice rubbing with bear fat. The consistency of the substance should be liquid. This effect can be easily achieved by simply heating the fat in a water bath. It is important that bear fat is washed off very poorly, so when using it in cough therapy, you should be careful to prevent staining of clothes and related accessories. During the manipulation process, the product is not smeared, but thoroughly rubbed into the skin. The body should be warmed up well before the procedure.

Bear fat for rubbing
Bear fat for rubbing


Rubbing with bear fat for coughs is used to treat coughs both in acute respiratory infections and in bronchitis of various etiologies. The product should be rubbed into the back and chest area. After the procedure, the patient should be well wrapped. Don't forget that used clothing will probably have to be thrown away because this grease does not wash off very well. When rubbing the patient’s body with fat, you can add camphor alcohol to the product, which will warm up the sick body well and save you from a strong cough, which is not so easy to get rid of.

Rubbing with bear fat

Application with jars

Bear fat for cough is a self-sufficient remedy that has an anti-inflammatory effect, but when combined with other substances, the effect doubles. The same can be said about the choice of treatment methods.

It’s good to just apply fat to the patient’s body, but it’s even better to do a cupping massage using the described substance. After this procedure, the cough will definitely disappear.

The manipulation is very simple. To do this, you need to apply bear fat to the back or chest area and place the jars. The oily consistency of the substance will ensure easy gliding of the jar. It is necessary to move the jar over the patient’s skin for at least five minutes. After the procedure, the patient is covered with a warm blanket and left in this state for quite a long time - at least two hours.

Where to buy real bear knock and its cost

Pharmacies offer a wide range of dietary supplements, creams, ointments made from natural ingredients based on the fatty substance of the brown predator. But the product description indicates that all drugs contain preservatives for storage, fragrances, and flavorings that reduce the therapeutic effect of the substance. You can purchase raw bear from fellow hunters, but only in the autumn months, and melt it yourself. The safety condition for such raw materials is a veterinary certificate after the slaughter of the animal, where the use of the product is approved and the hunter’s information is indicated.

Ready-made natural fat with a quality certificate is purchased from professional hunting cooperatives, where autoclaves are used to process the raw material. It is impossible to achieve such quality of goods using artisanal methods.

lard in jars

People wonder how much the fat of the beast is worth? Prices for the product differ in different cities of Russia: pure fat costs an average of 500 rubles per 100 milliliters; producers ask for up to 5 thousand rubles per liter of the drug. The cost of pharmaceutical capsules with medicinal fat is from 200 rubles per package (120 capsules), but the instructions state that they contain additives - preservatives. There is a medicinal cream for joints on sale with lard, golden mustache and cinquefoil juice; the cream costs 130 rubles for 75 ml.

Contraindications to the use of bear fat

Bear fat is a unique medicinal remedy that helps get rid of cough. But there are also facts, the discovery of which should stop people from using the drug for treatment. Contraindications include:

Bear fat is prohibited for acute cholecystitis

  • acute cholecystitis;
  • worsened gastrointestinal diseases;
  • sensitivity of the body to the components of the product;
  • extreme obesity;
  • state of pregnancy and lactation;
  • children's age (up to 3 years);
  • cholelithiasis.

Despite the enormous benefits of bear fat, it should be used very carefully in cough therapy. This remedy is not classified as a drug, so it does not replace the main treatment. If you have a cough, you should definitely consult a doctor.

How and for how long should you store bear lard?

If you purchase high-quality lard, but do not store it according to the rules, the mixture may go rancid in 2–3 months. Store lard as follows:

  • tightly closed container;
  • dark place;
  • jars of lard are kept in the refrigerator at temperatures below +5 degrees;
  • Long-term storage requires temperatures down to -18 degrees, preferably in the freezer.

Subject to storage rules, if the purchased fat is natural and properly rendered, then the shelf life is two years.

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